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How to Alley Oop in NBA 2K22

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How to Alley Oop

In NBA 2K22, you may throw an alley-oop to a teammate who is going towards the hoop or near the basket by double-tapping the Y (Xbox One & Seris X I S) or Triangle (PS4 & PS5) button. Because it’s the same system as past years, you’ll need a clean route to throw and receive the ball to succeed. Teamwork, pinpoint passing, and timing is key aspects of the alley-oop.


You have a few alternatives for where you throw the ball. To receive the pass, move the Left Stick in the direction of the player you want to pass to. You may even throw an alley-oop to yourself by pressing the Left Stick towards the hoop. In 2 on 1 fast break situations where a player is cutting toward the basket without a defender near him, an alley-oop is the greatest option once you’ve got one of these scenarios, double-tap Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS) and direct the alley-oop using the Left Stick.


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