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How to Block More Shots in NBA 2K22: Tips & Tricks

How to Block More Shots in NBA 2K22: Tips & Tricks

Blocking shots is the best way to deny your opponent from scoring the ball, yet it is also the most dangerous one because many things could go wrong and turn against you when you try to block a shot. Being a good blocker heavily depends on your physique. Height and size are huge factors for becoming a good blocker. In the NBA, the players who are above 6’10” and close to the 7 feet range are usually the best blockers.


  • To Block a shot press the following button combinations for each platform;


Press Y (Xbox) & Triangle (PlayStation). Hold LT + Y (Xbox) & L2 + Triangle (PlayStation) volleyball block where you hit it out of bounds.


– You can also try to following button combinations to perform different blockings;


– Hold RT + Y (Xbox) & R2 + Triangle (PlayStation)


– Hold RT + LT + Y, + (while in air) move right stick and left toward Opps (Xbox)


– Hold R2 + L2 + Triangle, + (while in air) move right stick and left toward Opps (PlayStation)


  • Improve your jump timing. Because jump shots are one of the most often used shots in basketball, knowing how to time your jump is essential. Hold your blocking hand up to gain height, then jump up to meet the opposing player at his highest position. Observing the opponent’s feet as they leave the ground is one way for proper timing. You’ll only have a fraction of a second to answer, but with enough practice, you’ll be jumping on instinct.


  • An attempt to block a slam dunk is considered a risky call. This is simply because getting a clean block is difficult. An unsuccessful attempt to block a slam dunk might earn you a foul. To perform a successful block against a slam dunk, jump straight up instead of charging forward to swat the ball off the scorer’s hands.


  • It might be difficult to block fadeaway shots. Because the shooter will leap backward before shooting the ball towards the basket, the defender will be unable to swat the ball away. Jump straight up with your hands extended towards the ball to block a fadeaway shot. You should not aggressively try to take the ball from the opponent player’s hands. If you do, you’ll be called for a foul. A foul call allows the opposing team to shoot a three-pointer without being tampered with by your team.


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