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How to Change FOV in Fallout 76

How to Change FOV

Fallout 76 ’s fov, or field of view, determines how much of the map you can see in front of you on your screen. The larger the fov, the more of the map you can see. Because of this, knowing how to change your fov in Fallout 76 is something many people will ask. To do that please follow these steps;



(Creating a Fallout76Custom.ini)

The “Fallout76Custom.ini” will take priority over anything in “Fallout76.ini” and you don’t need to worry about making this read only.


-First make sure you have already launched Fallout 76 and tweaked your graphics setting.


-Open “Notepad” or even better download and use “Notepad++”


-Go to file, then save as.


-For the file name enter Fallout76Custom.ini


-Save as type should be “All Files (*.*)”


-Save the file in “Documents\my games\Fallout 76” next to Fallout76.ini and Fallout76Prefs.ini.


-Boom you have an .ini file! You can right click the file and go to properties and the “Type of file” should read “INI File (.ini)” if done correctly.




Now for that Fallout76Custom.ini file you created to be put to use!


Create a header/line in “Fallout76Custom.ini” called [Display]

Under the header add these two lines:

fDefaultWorldFOV = XXX

fDefault1stPersonFOV = XXX

XXX Being your desired horizontal FOV



So for example, If you wanted 100 horizontal FOV you would put:

fDefaultWorldFOV = 100

fDefault1stPersonFOV = 100


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