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How to Increase FPS In Kingdom Come: Deliverance ~ Fix Performance Issues ~ Stuttering

14 February 2018, Wednesday, 15:50:46


How To Increase FPS In Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

General Tips

First, the most significant changes in graphics happens when you change from “minimum” to “medium” settings. Further increase won’t lead to major changes in general. So, if your hardware isn’t hi-end, medium-high settings should be your best choice.


Game should be launched in Full screen mode (not windowed or borderless), don’t forget to check this in the settings.




RAM Allocation

Seems that this game really struggles with RAM allocation. If you have 16 or more GB, use the command “-heapsize 2097152” in launch options. If you have 8 GB use “-heapsize 1048576”. This will allocate ram to be used as a cache for the game. Also, don’t set a cache that’s bigger than about an 1/8th of your overall ram, it’ll likely lower FPS rather than increase it.


For other amount of RAM:
4 GB -heapsize 524288
12 GB -heapsize 1572864
24 GB -heapsize 3145728
32 GB -heapsize 4194304




Disabling V-sync

Should fix the micro-stutter, freezes and frame drops.


1. Go to your steam library install directory
(e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance)


2. Create a new user.txt document in this folder


3. Write r_VSync = 0

3a. Also you can add a line sys_MaxFPS = 60 *60 is amount of max FPS. You can choose 120 or 144 for higher rate monitors or any different values. This should help with screen tearing since we have disabled V-sync. Try different values to achieve optimum picture for your setup. (*)


4. Save the changes, close the file. Rename user.txt to user.cfg

(*) Also you can test different maxFPS values faster by typing the sys_MaxFPS ## (## is 60 or other FPS value) in the in-game console. You can open the console pressing the “~” button on keyboard. But keep in mind, when you close the game, all changes you made will be lost. Don’t forget to set maxFPS in user.cfg file after you find optimum value.



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