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How to Increase FPS in Radical Heights

13 April 2018, Friday, 13:30:05

How to Increase FPS

To help players out, we’ve put together a comprehensive coverage to help you boost your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds FPS (frames per second) so you can compete at peak performance. Many of the fixes below require the editing of game files. Be sure to follow all of our instructions completely to keep you from breaking any game files and having to re-download them.



Console mode

Start the game and open the console pressing Key: ~ (Tilde) and type the following (press INTRO at the end of the lines):

r.shadowQuality = 0
r.bloomQuality = 0

After that you will see a gain between 15-40 fps.



Editing files mode

Exit the game and in your PC go to:


Open the file “scalability.ini” and paste the following lines:


After that close and save the changes.

Now open the file “Engine.ini” and paste the following lines:

r.bloomQuality = 0

After that close and save the changes and enjoy your new FPS gain.



Not able to run at 1080p Fullscreen?

Troubles running the game at 1080p Fullscreen?

Easy to fix, just right click the game on Steam and choose “Properties”, “Set Launch Options” and copy/paste this line:

-fullscreen -w <1920> -h <1080t>



Do you have Green Screen or Green Flickerings?

Green Screen or Green Flickerings?

HERE is the fix !!

Just go to your Nvidia control panel, Desktop and choose use Nvidia Colors. Apply or save and that’s it or just run the game in borderless mode.


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