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How to Make Money in Far Cry 5

2 April 2018, Monday, 13:15:57

How to Make Money in Far Cry 5

Below you can find the best methods of earning in-game money:


Complete missions – Especially the side quests because most of them rewards you with cash (main missions do that rarely). By completing a single mission, you can get from a few hundreds to a few thousands of dollars.


Find prepper stashes – These stashes are connected to treasure hunting missions and are marked with a green jewel icon on the map. The majority of the stashes contains, at least, a few hundreds of dollars.


Open safes – Safes can be found inside of buildings including locations that belong to your allies (e.g. Fall’s End). The picture above shows an example of a safe. Try to carefully examine all rooms of a building that you visit for the first time. Safes can be opened with remote controlled explosives, lockpicks (requires Locksmith perk) or by using a blowtorch (requires Repair Torch perk). A safe can contain from a few hundreds to more than a thousand of dollars.


Sell animal skins and fish – Skins can be acquired from hunted animals or by looting corpses. You can get fish by reaching fishing spots marked on the map. Take these items to traders. A single skin or a fish can give you from a dozen to a few hundreds of dollars.


Sell useless loot – This category contains maps or books about fishing that can be found in the world. They are sold in the same window as trophies that you can get from killed animals.


Liberate outposts without raising an alarm – Try to capture each of the outposts by staying in shadows and remaining undetected. A “perfect” liberation can reward you with additional $1,000.


Additional note – After defeating a “leader” of a given region (John / Faith / Jacob) you will start receiving bonus money for a lot of various side activities (completing missions, liberating outposts etc.).


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