How to Play Sudden Strike 4


How to play Sudden Strike 4 (no tank rush, slow, methodical)

Sudden Strike 4 is a tactical game. You get your units at the beginning of the mission and you have to solve the given tactical situation with the units you have available. You do get reinforcements from time to time, but you have to make the right tactical decisions and fight the enemy with whatever tools you have or can get, such as capturing enemy vehicles.


Sudden Strike 4 is meticulous about the units’ appearance, their functionality, the different armour mechanics, especially with respect to attack direction, as well as the effectiveness of different weapons in a given tactical situation. If there is a unit you cannot hit with a certain weapon, there will be a very clear indication of this, e.g. the bullet will ricochet off the target. When this happens, you will need to consider alternative tactics. You are rewarded for clever tactics and encouraged to explore the available options by yourself. You are also notified when you discover a tactic that will lead to success. You will learn many new tricks as you play, such as circling the enemy, using line of sight and capturing units.


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