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How to Survive The Final Storm in Frostpunk

4 May 2018, Friday, 7:37:51

How to Survive The Final Storm in Frostpunk


-Just before storm comes stop gathering wood, steel and assign automates to hospitals. Build more hospitals for each automaton you have to spare.


-Try to keep some cores to spare, so stack 2-3 of them or at least 1.


-You can disassamble workshops if they finished crucial research plan for the storm. The same goes for mines and other things that give you precious resources like cores or is close to the generator and is not needed anymore. Build houses in their places instead.


-Unassign all people from all labors and keep them in homes.
Turn off heaters from all workplaces.


-Remember your scouts and camps. Don’t waste scouts and camps. Turn them back home and don’t forget to disassemble this groups or they will die even when in town when the storm hits.


-Managing the deaths. When cold start killing people turn of houses (by clicking on them and on top right corner there is turn off button) that are on outskirts of the city and they will automatically jump to houses that are closer to the core. Do this until you will see sign that there are homeless people then start to reassign homes that are nearest to the core. Do this with pause button or they will get sick.


-Final word.
This will be a genesis. You will be desperate.
Regarding laws most likely you will not succeed here without fully developed religion or order path. You may not like the final law on each path – I get it. You can try to do it without it, but keep it in reserve and establish this law if there is no other hope.


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