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How to Unlock Jurassic World Evolution Isla Nublar Map

11 June 2018, Monday, 17:43:30

How to Unlock Jurassic World Evolution Isla Nublar Map

In order to play the game’s sandbox mode and unlock unlimited money, you’ll need to head back to the first island, Isla Matanceros. This island is the first of the “Five Deaths,” the name given to the Muertes archipelago you’ll build your parks on throughout the game.



You can go back to the island on your world map, and after that you’ll need to move it from a 3-star rating to a 4-star rating. This requires improving your dinosaur rating and your facility rating, which will require you to create a greater variety of dinosaurs while maintaining their welfare, while ensuring that your visitors are satisfied.



In order to quickly bump up your star rating, click on the star rating at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and see what needs improving. When a percentage is low in a particular area — for instance, your guests want more shopping outlets or they feel it’s getting overcrowded — construct new buildings or dinosaurs to match their needs. A monorail is another good investment, with easier travel drastically improving your star rating while also making it easier to get to other stores located around the park, thus increasing your cash flow.



After you’ve reached 4 stars, you’ll unlock Isla Nublar and be given unlimited funds to do as you please with all of the unlocks you’ve acquired playing through the campaign. Have fun!


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