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Hunt: Showdown – The Damage System

19 July 2018, Thursday, 18:37:39

The Damage System

The damage system in Hunt: Showdown is broken into five parts: Blunt, Rending, Piercing, Fire and Poison. Each of the damage type causes unique damage to the hunter.



Blunt – Rifle stocks, dusters and the sledgehammer bludgeons the target, causing internal trauma.



Rending – Weapons that can cause bleeding to the target. Shotguns, Saber, Machete, Knife, Concertina Bomb and Frag Bomb cause bleeding damage to hunters as it shreds through the flesh, forcing the hunters to retreat and stop the bleeding by any means.



Piercing – Weapons that can penetrate through hard surface such as metal, wooden (trees, fences, etc) and so on. Some weapons can only penetrate through wooden surfaces only (Winfield, Dolch) while others can penetrate even through metal surfaces (Nitro, Mosin). Knife, saber also fall under this category as they stab the targets, causing bleeding.



Fire – A weapon that sets the target on fire. Currently, there are no firearms that produce fire but there is a firebomb as a consumable and a flare gun as a tool that can set targets on fire. Lanterns are scattered around the map to set targets alight. This can cause hunters to lose their health bars permanently until they banish a boss or buy new health bars through the upgrade points menu.



Poison – A weapon that poisons a target. Currently only Crossbow Poison Bomb has this ability but there is a consumable called Poison Bomb and Hive Bomb that can poison your target (Poison bomb is strong and instantly poisons a target while Hive Bomb will unleash toxic insects to attack nearby targets, potentially poisoning them).


All weapons have their own maximum damage and minimal damage. Range and the part of the body you hit, plays a huge role in this part.


Winfields for example, have 125 damage as maximum damage on close range (up to 20m) and on upper body. But if the Winfields shoots a hunter on their limbs, the damage is 75% of total. The minimal damage could be 25 or even less if the target is far away and/or is being hit on limbs in that distance.


The damage drops off differently for each weapon in distance. Shotguns have huge damage drop off over distance while Mosin (Long ammo at least) has far less drop off over distance. This also plays a role on headshots. Winfields can headshot any target within 70m range but beyond that, they require two headshots or a headshot body shot combo.


The Weapon Damage Chart:



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