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Hyper Light Drifter – How to Beat the Boss Rush 3 Final Boss

24 June 2017, Saturday, 2:31:44


How to Beat The Final Boss
To start the fight i had two health left and 1 health pack, so if you have anymore than that you are in a good place.

As soon as he spawns dash up to him and attack. You should be able to get two combos off. Back away and dodge if charge when he lands get another combo off.

Now is the stage with all the projectiles. Dodge all the projectiles and unload your pistol on him when it is safe. That is the only way i damaged him during this phase. He goes through three rotations of the small projectiles into the giant beam just focus on dodging all of that and don’t worry about damage.

After the third one he moves to the center of the arena. Meet him there and unload everything you have while dodging the black lines until he dissappears.

If you are low on health now is the time to heal.

Then 4 diamonds appear on the map just kill one of them with sword attacks and stay far away from the other three, because when he appears they will explode into the giant aoe attack but you should have made yourself enough space by killing the one.

After the explosion you have a chance to get one or two combos on him and refill your pistol.

Then he charges and this time its two charges. Dodge those, get a combo on him when he is done. Then it is back to the projectile phase.

Then basically the fight repeats until he is dead. So dodge the projectiles and unload your pistol. After three rotations meet him in the center and hit him until he dissappears. Kill the one diamond and after the aoe he now charges three times. then the whole thing over again and by the end of this rotation he should be dead and you did it you beat Boss Rush 3!

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