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I Hate Running Backwards – How to Defeat The Ugh-Zan Boss

22 May 2018, Tuesday, 15:53:16

How to Defeat The Ugh-Zan Boss

The fight against Ugh-Zan consists of three phases, with every new phase taking place when a certain amount of damage is dealt to Ugh-Zan. Damage is dealt through Ugh-Zan by firing at specific body parts – when he raises one of his weapons to attack, a white outline appears around it. This denotes that Ugh-Zan can currently be damaged.

Throughout all the phases, Ugh-Zan has two attacks he never lets go of: Head Charge and Homing Rockets.


Phase one

The first attack is the Laser Beam, in which Ugh-Zan shoots a large red beam which travels from the edge of the screen towards the middle, until a certain angle where the player is forced to stay right in front of Ugh-Zan. The second attack are the Plasma Spheres, where Ugh-Zan will swing around his arm cannon and fire many plasma spheres that travel towards the top of the screen. These explode on contact with the player’s helicopter.


Phase Two

When both of Ugh-Zan’s arms are destroyed, the second phase begins, and he gains entirely new weapons. One of these is the Laser Barrage – with this attack, Ugh-Zan emits several red beams from his head, which form a cone shape. Then he fires deadly lasers in the direction of the beams.


The other two attacks exclusive to this phase are two new weapons – the first is Big Bertha. Ugh-Zan holds this weapon in his left hand, and it is a rocket launcher which fires giant rockets at the player that also follow their helicopter around. These bombs can be destroyed without enough minigun and rocket fire. The other attack is the Vacuum, which Ugh-Zan uses to draw the player towards him. This attack also spawns a lot of explosive balloons which are drawn into the vacuum – the player must carefully maneuver around these.


Phase Three

When both of Ugh-Zan’s second phase weapons are destroyed, he enters his last phase, where his entire torso becomes vulnerable for attack. He does not gain any new attacks here, and only uses Laser Barrage and Homing Rockets. However, he uses them both very frequently, especially the Homing Rockets attack.



One generally good tactic against Ugh-Zan is to always play it safe. Since the helicopter only has 3 health points, and no way of healing, it is far too risky to take an extra danger so that “Ugh-Zan might die faster”. Take the time needed and take note of Ugh-Zan’s attack patterns. Be lenient on the helicopter’s weapon, since it can overheat, rendering it unusable for a few seconds. Instead fire in bursts so a constant firing stream can be maintained.


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