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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms – Farming Tips & Tricks

Farming Tips & Tricks

  • When you start taking hours to get to your wall, try to maximize your favor gains (I have seen people usually reset upon reaching less than 5% total favor gain per hour, considering both your actual and currently farm favor)


  • Once you start amassing some favor, your runs will consist of the usual progression: click one enemy to death, get gold, upgrade click damage to 1HKO low-level enemies to death(or use a familiar to auto click), get the formation going until they stop 1HKOing enemies, and set the actual final formation until they stop progressing(a soft wall if you like). At this point, you will progress to your actual hard wall by killing enemies using your ultimate abilities.


  • The usual recommendation is farming at your wall using all the Buffs you can afford on your DPS, but actually calculating your gold find minimum level can be more lucrative. By this, I mean that if you have, for example, 1200% bonus gold find as your highest available gold find formation, if you can manage to farm at any level that is between your farmable wall using all DPS buffs and the lower end of the gold buff(an x12 gold multiplier equals a 13 level upgrade since each level is 20% extra gold, 1.2 to the 13th potency equals 10.70, while the 14th is 12.84), you will come out ahead. For example, if we take the previous numbers and the best you can farm is 198, you could benefit from farming with your gold find buffs at any level above 185. This mostly applies to favor AFK farming at your wall.


  • While the faster power spike when your champions are naked is opening a silver chest to get at least white rarity items for your champions, your long-term goal in gearing up your champions is acquiring purple rarity items. Thus the focus of your gem spending should be acquiring gold chests. If you are still making decent progress out of opening silver chests at your wall, buying a couple more to open them is not a bad idea.


  • Eventually, you will want to farm gems; the recommended place is the mad wizard free play on sword coast campaign(faster enemy spawns because of objects), resetting upon hitting a click/auto click wall, or even when you stop 1hKOing enemies (more areas per hours is more gems)


  • Favor farming is usually done best at a map with low enemy type variety to get more mileage out of Minsc hated enemy buff. I personally use an escort to Waterdeep for sword coast, the ring of regeneration/seeking allies for ToA, and A mysterious summon/attack on the manor for dragon heist, but your actual mileage will vary on where you are walling. Also, remember to try and maximize the benefits you get from blessings in your formations.


  • Getting familiars is less clear; most recommendations I have seen suggest getting your first two before you actually plan to farm gems. Still, that point varies between having all green on your core champions, having all blues and purples. I personally saved my first thousands of gems for the 2 familiars to get semi actively gem farming faster.


  • When your core champions are in full purples, the silver chests are the most cost-effective way to get upgrades (and shinnies).


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