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Idle Pins: Beginner’s Guide, Tips


If you are a fan of incremental games, then you must play Idle Pins. This incremental game was released on 16 October 2021 with various pins. You will get access to around 250 pins that you can collect and merge. Apart from the pin, you will also get many features, upgrades, and QoL.


If you’ve played incremental games before, Idle Pins will be much easier for you, but beginners may find it difficult. This guide contains some tips and tricks that will undoubtedly be useful for newbies to the game.



1.  Beta Mode

  • Two-color slots are available to you at the start of the formation. You can fit any pin there, regardless of color. If there is a free slot, click on it, and you will be able to add your first Alpha there.


  • Allow yourself to overcharge some enemies. After the first enemy is killed five times, the Zone Name will appear next to a new button. To advance and unlock new items, you must kill each mob a certain number of times.


  • If you click the advance button, you will be able to spawn an even stronger and better-dropping Tier of that mob. As you kill enemies and earn Chikara Points, the bar beneath the enemy image will fill up.


  • Upon clicking the button, the color will change to green, and you will receive an Alpha Pin. That formation now has two Alphas. Charging the bar again will result in three Alphas.


  • Click the ‘X’ button next to the Alpha Pin in the formation to remove it. You will get your first Beta Pin after dragging one Alpha Pin over the other. Charge the enemies while using the Beta.



2.  Main Objective

  • In the first hour, you will have the goal of unlocking The Turtle Formation. It is a slow-paced game that requires you to grind and farm to access strong pins.


  • When two particle sets are fused, the resulting pin will always have a higher charge in a second, but its speed can vary. It’s not so important to change the Pins level multiplier or SynthLab in the first run.


  • Rather than attempting to reach a level 30 Pin, try to get as many Pins as possible at level 10. You will be able to change a critical stat on your Pins after starting a new Season, making them far more powerful. There will be a few more Season Points available as well.



3.  Unlocking Formations

  • In the next step, you must unlock the “noob” Formation. You can use red, blue, green, and support pins with the “noob” formation. There will be seven pins instead of two, and you can add all the colors you want now, but they won’t all fit.


  • After defeating two enemies, a new feature, menu, or craft is unlocked. Donating Kred to the shop menu will get you some in-game items. The majority of players in the shop menu don’t use real money.


Please leave a comment if you have any additional tips or tricks to add to this guide. As soon as your comment is approved, we’ll update this guide.



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