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Imperator: Rome – Primary Stats & Attributes

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Primary Stats & Attributes

The four primary stats are:


Popularity – Popularity is a measure of how the people see the character. In republics high popularity characters are more likely to elected leader of the republic. However even monarchies cannot ignore popular people.


Loyalty – Loyalty is a measure of a character’s loyalty to the state. Disloyal characters are more likely to cause problems to a ruler than loyal ones. However even the most loyal of characters has their limit.


Prominence – Prominence represents the fame of the character. Jobs and titles help bring characters to public attention.


Corruption – Corruption is a measurement of this character’s willingness to engage in underhanded practices. Greed, bribery and the bending of rules come hand-in-hand with high corruption.




The primary attributes are:


Martial represents a character’s ability to fight and lead troops. Characters with high martial skills make excellent generals.


Charisma is a character’s ability to charm and persuade others.


Zeal is a character’s ability to inspire faith in other characters, and also in calling upon the favour of the gods.


Finesse represents a character’s skill in disciplines requiring a high attention to detail. High finesse characters make excellent researchers and governors.


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