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Unlockable Characters


This is one of the first character you get when you start the game. Dhar comes with a set of his own Enhancing Attacks that power up his other attacks.




This character is also unlocked automatically as you progress in the story. Razmi unlocks in the early stages of the gameplay and has Healing ability that heals the whole party, and Glare attack that has a slowing effect on the enemies.




To unlock this character, you need to defeat the boss that resides in Fort Vimana. Defeat the boss, and you will ger this character automatically.



Ginseng and Honey

To unlock this character, you need to complete an objective for a botanist that you will come across in the game. This botanist will require you to collect three Resurrection Lilies. Once you return the Lilies, Ginseng and Honey will join your party.




This character can be found in Fort Vimana where he is locked up as a prisoner in the Fortress. To unlock the character, you need to free them from prison. You can do this by locating a device that can unlock all the doors of the Fortress. Do this and Tungar will join your team.




This is also another character that can be found as a prisoner in Fort Vimana. Free them and he will join your team as well.




This character can be found after you have gain access to the Temple. You do not have to do anything special other than reaching the Temple to add them to your team.




To unlock this character, you need to complete the area of Mount Sumeru. After you have done that, Thorani will automatically join your team.




Once you reach Port Maerifa, This character automatically joins your team.




To get George on your side, you will need to complete a task in Port Maerifa. In this port, there will be barricades that you need to destroy and clear out. Once you are done, you will find George at a save point.




This character requires you to duel with her and win against her to join your team. Talk to Phoebe in the town after you are done in Port Maerifa. From there, you can talk to her and begin the fight. Once done, she will join your team.




To unlock this character, you first need to go to the Tower of Wisdom. From there, Baozhai can be located at the pub which can be found at Port Maerifa. Go to the pub and you will add this character to your party.




This character can be found in Kaanul, where she will require your help in rescuing her. Once you do that successfully, she will join your team.




This character joins your team after you defeat the Serpent Queen boss in Kaanul. Hunoch accompanies his brother called Xiboch, where both of them join your party after you talk to them. You need to complete a quest here before they agree to join your team.




This character can be found in Kaanul. You need to locate her and she will then agree to be on your team to change the color of your clothes.


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