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Into the Breach Cheat Codes

5 March 2018, Monday, 17:36:27


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (The key above TAB) to display the console window.

To list all the COMMANDs you can use, open the console in-game and type in help




kill – Kill all enemies in the city
rich – Gives you 1000 rep and 30 power cores
event <name> – Add event
incident <name> – Add incident
invasion – Add invasion event
anim <name> – Test animation
sanim <name> – Test animation (on board square)
reload – Refresh lua scripts
day <number> – Set the current day
unlock all – Gives message saying no longer in release version
resolution <width> <height> – Changes resolution of the game window. Specify resolution in pixels. Minimum resolution 800*600.
makeitso – Unlocks all pilots (Does not give the player secret/special pilots)
unlock ach – Unlocks all achievements
debug – Toggles debug mode
popups – Toggles popups
musc_version – Toggles between music version 1 & 2
gog_clear – Clears all achievements in the gog version of the game.
steam_clear – Clears all achievements in the steam version of the game.


Pressing tab whilst in the console will enter lua mode.

power <value> – Gives/subtracts the number of powergrid specified.
morale <value> – Gives/subtracts the number of powergrid specified.
money <value> – Gives/subtracts the number of reputation specified.
people <value> – Gives/subtracts the number of civilians-saved specified.
cores <value> – Gives/subtracts the number of power-cores specified.
weapon <weapon_name> – Gives the weapons specified, if no weapon is specified a random weapon is given.
pilot <pilot_name> – Gives the pilot specified, if no pilot is specified a random pilot is given.
xp <value> – Gives/subtracts the number of xp specified to all pilots, can level up, cannot by de-leveled.
repair <value> – Gives/subtracts the number of repair kits specified.
text <event_name> – A pilot will say their line for the event specified, if no event is specified a random line is given instead.
turn <turn_number> – Changes the turn number, meaning the victory in ‘x’ turns also changes.
reward – Brings up the perfect island rewards.
instantwin – Instantly wins the round.
end – Instantly wins the round.
victory – Causes you to win the game.
snow <value> – Enables snow. Unknown effect of value.
resist – Executes resist special effects.


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Name : Scoobhyshag | Comment Date : March 26th, 2018

I’ve found that you can also do “undoturn” for an unlimited amount of turn resets.

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