Into The Gloom Cheats



All Endings & How to Get Them

1st) Condemned – To get this, simply let the red shadow creature touch you. Done.


2nd) Awakening – To get this one, you must NOT let the Knife dude out of the prison. Keep him locked up. Then, later on when you’re forced to hang yourself, you’ll get this.


3rd) Vanish – FREE the knife dude for this one. Then later on in the game, you’ll find a new predator trying to kill you. Let them. Done.


4th) Rebirth – FREE the knife dude, and continue the story. Keep following the path, and get to Warren’s apartment.


5th) Reincarnation – So this one if the most complicated. First of all, you need to complete the game (technically, not really though.) In the red plains you’ll find Marcus’s bag, with a note telling you to go to Warren’s apartment 2-5, code 485. Well, now you need to start a new game and do the following. In the very beginning of the game, before you put in the puzzle piece, there is a door with a pad. The code is 394. You get this from a note lying on a table in the dining place. There you get a key. Grab it. Continue on, and eventually you’ll end up outside, and climb into an apartment complex using a fire staircase. There, find apartment 2-5, put in the code, and grab the device. Continue the game. You’ll get to the part where the boat goes under the bridge, and the shadow chases you across it. Before that, when you first enter that portion of the map, there’s a apartment building on your right side, with a door facing the water. Use your apartment key to get it. Go to the 5th floor, and go into your room. Use Warren’s device on the iguana tank.


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