IOSoccer PC Keyboard Controls

PC Keyboard Controls









Jumping and tackling


Slide tackleALT while moving

Standing tackleALT while standing still

Skill modifierCTRL





Dribble – Hold or Tap LMB while ball is near your player model

Pass – Hold RMB to charge power and release the key to pass the ball.

Shoot – Hold RMB to charge power and release the key to shoot the ball.

Head – Hold RMB to charge power and release the key to head the ball.

Curl – Hold A or D while charging the ball with RMB.

Volley – Release the RMB charge while the ball is at hip height.







Opposition half cameraG





Skill moves

Lift up ballCTRL + LMB while ball infront player model

Rainbow flickCTRL + LMB while ball behind player model

Precision dribbleCTRL + A/D + LMB while ball infront or sideways from player model.

Backward dribbleCTRL + S + LMB while ball behind or sideways from player model.

Side or back heelCTRL + LMB while ball comes at the back of you. You need another player to make this work. (or use the replay shot system during warm-up)

Diving headerCTRL + W + RMB while ball on or infront your head model.

Bicycle kickCTRL + S + RMB while ball on or behind your head model.

Sombrero flickCTRL + A/D/S + LMB when ball in air. This is possible when you lift up the ball first.





Point fingerE + LMB

Wave handE + RMB





Left fist pumpE + CTRL + LMB

Right fist pumpE + CTRL + RMB

Fall down forwardE + ALT

Fall down backE + S + ALT

JetE + CTRL + W

BackflipE + S + ALT

DabE + A + CTRL

BoxingE + SPACE

One arm raiseE + ALT + D


Once activated you can release all keys except E (gesture key) and it will still work.






Join menuL

Toggle player nameV

Create ball during warm-upQ

Replay last shot during warm-upR

Talk in voice chatK

Talk in all chatY

Talk in team chatU

Talk in spectator chatI This is needed when you are on the bench.

Gesture and celebration modifier = E


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