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Ironbound Classes

4 January 2018, Thursday, 13:34:40



Each class has 15 unique spells, represented by 30 tokens (some spells occur more than once in the deck). You can see the token list by pressing the Show Description button atop the character portrait, and then clicking the token image. The composition of the deck cannot be edited.

Each class has a special state which is triggered by certain events. You can play various builds based around the special state. The states are:

Berserker – ENRAGED: while at 30% health or below, gain 20% critical hit chance.

Crusader – LAST STAND: while at 30% health or below, has a 50% chance to reflect incoming damage when blocking with the shield.

Assassin – STEALTH: has a 20% chance to evade incoming attacks. Stealth is lost when using a weapon and can be regained using special tokens or items, or by not playing any actions during a turn.

Witch – FOCUSED MIND: has a 25% chance to copy tokens played by the enemy, but no more than once per turn. The Witch is Focused when the enemy is in his or her class special state. When two Witches face off, they are both Focused all the time.

All classe also have tokens which alter their behavior when the special state is active.


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