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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale – Tips & Tricks

12 July 2018, Thursday, 16:08:57

Tips & Tricks

-As a new player, you could at first start by dropping into a less populated area of the map once in freefall. Don’t worry about landing outside the zone, as you can always make your way back into the safe-zone unhindered if you pay attention to your map (Default “Q”)



-Only Engage a contestant if you are certain you are capable of taking them out, or if you need to out of necessity. Taking a player unawares will grant you a marginally higher kill rate than going face-on with others. Eliminating a player while they are disoriented will reduce the chance of retaliation, and you’ll have free access to their gear as well.



-Plan your moves accordingly! The Zone will adapt and shrink corresponding to the amount of contestants alive. If you are on the edge of the playable zone, it might be wise in move more centrally to avoid being blindsided by the Zone.



-Raised ground can be both an ally and an enemy. Playing off high-ground gives you a lot of advantages for defence and offence. Use defilades to retreat and attack from another angle, concealing your direction of travel. Likewise, you are a very visible target on a hilltop or a cliff. Keep moving to avoid lead-induced headaches from Sako-85 Sniper Rifles.



-Nano-Meds will heal you for exactly 50% of your total health. Use them accordingly, and always heal up after a battle if the other contestant had spare Nano-Meds.



-Burst firing an Assault Rifle can be marginally more effective than going Full-Auto, particularly with a high-magnification optic. Pace your shots and only use full auto if necessary.



-The Desert-Eagle might not look like much, but unlike any of the other pistols on offer, it’s the only selection capable of killing another contestant in one shot to the head. Accuracy is rewarded with this sidearm.



-There is no better building clearer than the M1014 Shotgun It’s a near essential addition to any loadout. Did someone say BUCKSHOT?



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