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It Lurks Below PC Keybindings / Hotkeys

29 April 2018, Sunday, 7:51:54

PC Keybindings / Hotkeys

Movement, Combat, World Interaction:


A – Move left

S – Duck / Stand still

D – Move right

SPACE – Jump

E – Use / Interact

R – Recharge Wand

Z – Sleep

LMB – Attack / Chop / Mine / Dig

SHIFT+LMB – Place / remove background tiles (removing requires a pickaxe in hand)

SHIFT+RMB – Pick up a placed apparatus/fixture



Menus and UI:

1-8, F and Q – Select Hotbar Slot / Quick-use item in Hotbar Slot

LMB – Pick up item in interface / inventory, Select Hotbar Slot, Interact with menus, buttons, etc.

RMB – Consume / Use item (i.e. eat food, consume potion)

SHIFT+LMB – Splits a stack of items / Crafts a full stack of items

SHIFT+RMB – Quick-swap items between the open interface and your inventory

I and B – Inventory

C and P – Crafting Menu

V – Survival Tree Menu

F1 – Resource Monitor / Debug Info




LMB – Left Mouse Button

RMB -Right Mouse Button



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