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Jalopy Cheats

28 March 2018, Wednesday, 23:43:31


Infinite Paint Supply

If you have the creative eye, and wish to constantly edit your Laika’s look, just bring back any spray cans from your journey and place it into your storage shelf! It doesn’t matter if they’re dead, just sleep for the night at home, and you now have replenished paint!


Here’s a step by step process:

1. Purchase spray paint of any variety.
2. Return home by means of the menu, or drive home.
3. Bring your paint back into the garage and place it upon the shelves.
4. Press Return Home from the menu.
5. If your paint runs our after putting it on the shelf, put it back and return home again.
6. As long as you don’t Return Home with the spray paint pn the ground, the paint will refill itself.

Note: Doesn’t work with decals.


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