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Jurassic World Alive iOS Cheats

29 May 2018, Tuesday, 6:20:58

iOS Cheats

Free Cash

-Open your daily incubators. Though you can spend Cash to open the free incubators you receive every few hours early, you also get some Cash in each one. Not much, mind you, but free Cash is free Cash.


-Head out and hit some Supply Drops. Supply Drops are points out in the real world which give you rewards in Jurassic Park Alive. Supply Drops with rewards waiting for you appear as blue cubes atop a pole on the game map, while locations you’ve already visited and need time to recharge show up as grey cubes. Each Supply Drop has two different rewards it might grant, one of which includes just coins and darts while the other throws in Cash as well. You don’t know which of the two rewards you will get, but if you don’t get the Cash on the first try — or even if you do, as it doesn’t appear there’s anything but luck stopping you from getting the second reward twice — you can watch a video and hit the Supply Drop twice in one session.



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