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Jurassic World Evolution – How to Unlock Jeep Skins

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How to Unlock Jeep Skins

Jeep Skin – 2018 Jeep®

This jeep skin has a beautiful looking teal colour, with the Jurassic World logo on its sides. It is indeed, pretty easy to obtain if you know the method. It’s going top speed as the jeep for 5 consecutive seconds. Keep in mind; just going forward will not get you there. You need to go down, and it is not easy to create a hill that allows you to drive top-speed for this much time. Here are a few methods to aid in your journey.


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1) Creating your own hill

This one would possibly take a while, depends how you tackle it. Use the terrain shaping tool to create a hill in an empty spot in your park. Starting early on Isla Matanceros will be pretty helpful, as you will have loads of space – there is not much space on the islands. Also, remove all shrubs and trees on your hill; it will slow you down and trees will potentially stop you in your tracks.



2) Isla Muerta

This island will do its job for you. Isla Muerta scales downwards from the entrance; just follow the terrain. Besides, the first time you are in this island you are forced to go into the ranger vehicle to proceed.


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Jeep Skin – Ranger Team Orange

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This skin has a clean, orange colour to it. The structure of it looks a bit different from the 2018 Jeep®, as you can see above. Here is a method to get it:


Unfortunately, this is no longer available as the game came out on June 12th, 2018.


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