Jurassic World Evolution Keyboard Controls

Keyboard Controls


Screen Movements

W – Moves the screen forward

A – Moves the screen to the left

S – Moves the screen backwards

D – Moves the screen to the right

Q – Rotates the screen Counter Clockwise

E – Rotates the screen Clockwise

Pg Up- Scrolls In

Pg Dn – Scrolls out



This can all be done with the mouse by either Holding Right Click and moving the mouse or just moving your mouse to the edge of the map. As well as holding the Mouse Wheel down and moving to move rotate the camera. Scrolling the Mouse Wheel zooms in and out.




Building Placement

Z and X Rotates the Buildings your placing Space locks the buildings to a snap point (Note it rotates the building 90 Degrees for every Z or X press)




Ranger Controls and ACU controls

First you can open the Ranger Menu and the ACU menu at any time as long as they are placed by pressing.

R – Ranger Station





While controlling the vehicles it uses WASD to move


R swaps to the gun

F on the Jeep changes to the Camera


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