Just Ignore Them Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide



This guide will give you the good ending.


Section 1

Get into bed.
Open Toy box. Get item Toy Robot
Try to leave room
Don’t Turn off the TV
Interact with bear
Close closet
leave room
Pick up screwdriver
Take batteries out of remote
Combine batteries with robot
pick up answering machine message
Pick up lavender from bin
Pick up step ladder from under microwave
Apply Lavender to mouse hole
Set up step ladder on wall
use screw driver to open vent
go through vent to bathroom
Get key from cupboard
don’t pee in toilet
Open mam’s door with key


Section 2

Tell Person your story
Go to desk and talk to person.
Use key to open your room
Go to bed
Leave room go to reception
take key from rack
go to bottom right of map (outside)
Open door with person’s key
Interact with lawn mower and take blade
Interact with workbench and get oil
combine oil with blade
open trap door with blade
leave room
give tape to the man
take coal from barbecue
go to girl’s room
Go to your room.
Talk to girl.
Say yes to loving the person
Go to girl’s room.
Put coal into fireplace
go back to your room and get lighter from the girl.
Use the lighter on the fireplace in the girl’s room
Go to the secret room and interact with the washing machine, using the screwdriver
Go to the power box and open it with the screwdriver
combine the item from the washing machine with the power box
put the battery back into the car
go get girl


Section 3

Go to bathroom
use duct tape on the smoke alarm
combine lighter with cigarette
go back to your seat
use intercom
talk to man with newspaper
use intercom
go to the ladder and get the camera
take photo of the first room
give camera to man
Go to back of plane
Attempt to open door at back
Go to cockpit
Talk to man
Go to back of plane
Follow blood trail
Go back to cockpit
Open supply room at back of plane
Combine Batteries with Camera
Get candy off the man’s body
Place camera on the box
place candy by the vent
go back to cockpit
Pick up gun
Go into vent
go back to cockpit
shoot man
go and get the monster


Section 4

Go intro house
Go to top floor
get girl
Say no
go to bathroom inspect toilet
go to the main room. Inspect books.
Inspect the chemicals
Go to bottom floor.
Inspect microwave
inspect cabinet at back
Place gem into statue
add the yellow card the machine
add the blue card to the machine
add the red card to the machine
combine the yellow and blue cards
use the green card on the machine
place chemical on the desk on the left
give the man the chemical.


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