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1 44


Secret Code

You can enter a secret Mortal Kombat blood code, A B A C A B, on the main menu for the PC version.



Secret/Hidden Achievements

1 52 

Prism key

Secret. Chapter 1 – “Factory,” immediately jump slash onto the building to the left and search the dead body.



1 53 

Don’t hang up!

Secret. In chapter 1 – “Factory,” hang up the phone repeatedly.



1 54

Master key

Secret. In chapter 2 – “Hotel,” kill the target with a throwing weapon before they jump.



1 55

What a bad idea

Secret. In chapter 2 – “Hotel,” jump off the balcony after finding your target.



1 56


Secret. In chapter 5 – “Studio,” roll past the boss when they shoot and repeatedly slice them in the back.



1 57

Phoenix key

Secret. In chapter 6 – “Mansion,” a thief is in the upper-left room of one of the areas. Wait for them to leave, then search the room.



1 58

Savant key

Secret. In chapter 9 – “Slaughterhouse,” don’t trigger any monitors. Cut any red cables you spot before killing any enemies nearby. On monitors without cables, inspect the ceiling for cameras and roll past them. (Disregard their orientation, they only see straight down.) Finally, search the room full of red barrels.



1 59

Secret hunter

Secret. Collect the four previously mentioned keys.



1 60

Funny prank

Secret. In chapter 10 – “Bunker,” kill yourself with a Molotov as you enter the next elevator.



How to Unlock All the Swords in the Govt. Building

There are five keys to collect, and each unlocks a new weapon in the Government Lab. They are the Prism key, Master key, Phoenix key, Savant key, and Prototype key. This guide will walk you through getting each of them. At the moment, there is no way to open the back door of the lab. We will see what the future brings on that.


After picking up each key, you can quit the main menu; the missions don’t have to be finished.



Prism Key

The prism key is located at the start of the game. Choose the first mission [Factory] and start from the beginning.


After the cutscenes are over, you will find yourself here.


1 45


Jump on to the building on the right, then over to the left. The jump is a little high, but attacking upwards boosts you onto it.


2 1


Here you can pick up the Prism key from a corpse.



Master Key

The master key is located in mission 2, [Hotel]. You have to play through most of the level normally until you reach the top of the building.


Breaking down the final door will activate a cutscene, so don’t do that.


1 15


Pick up this statue.


2 2


Please open the door, but do not walk through it. Instead, throw the statue straight across. This will kill your target.


3 1


You can loot the key off of his corpse.


Note: Jumping off the building gives you an achievement, and it doesn’t matter what you do after picking up the key.



Phoenix Key

This key is in mission 6, [Mansion]. You can skip to the part after ‘B’ to start right at the mansion itself.


Play through usually until you reach this mission.


1 16


In the top left room of this level is a criminal. Don’t enter his room. Clear out the rest of the level.




You have to wait on this guy for a while, but once he gets up and leaves, enter the room, and you can pick up the key.


3 2


You can now return to the menu or rush quickly to the exit as you are about to run out of time.



Savant Key

This is one of the harder keys to get. It is located in mission 9, [Sltr.house]. You have to be careful on this one, as if you don’t know what you are doing, you can restart the whole mission. The only times you need to be careful are when you encounter Leon, the dude on the TVs.


The first encounter:


1 46


Immediately after breaking down the door, jump up and cut the wire. If the doors start closing, restart the room. If this works, he won’t snipe you in rooms to come.


The second encounter:


2 1


Note the cameras above. If you get seen by them, restart the room. I have marked about where the danger and safe zones are. Roll through the red and land in the green. It takes a few tries but isn’t too hard. You shouldn’t have to fight anyone. Just walk through the room rolling twice.


The third encounter:




Same thing as the second encounter. Restart if they see you. After you make it through, go down to the room below the TVs. You will find the Savant Key.



Prototype Key

This key is unlocked by going undetected during mission 4, [prison]. You can skip to the third part when loading up the tape and go straight to the prison. Do the cutscene, and come out. Going stealthy can be a neat puzzle, but if you don’t want to figure it out yourself, a perfectly reasonable decision with some of the parts, here is a walkthrough.


For starters, most of the level should be spent in stealth using ctrl/Y/Triangle.


Room 1

1 47


You can hide with your interact button in the open jail cells. For the first room, sneak into the first one while the guard walks away, wait for the guard to turn around, get past you, and then go to the door. Once the next guard faces away, continue through and drop down to a safe spot on the stairs.


2 2


Repeat the same process for the lower level.


Room 2

1 48


This room has a bottle and a bell. Please pick up the bottle, drop down the stairs, and use it to ring the bell. (I think it might just hit the ceiling.) This will distract the guard in the upper sector, allowing you to jump up behind him and sneak past.


2 3


If you time this right, you can drop down onto the next flight of stairs. Wait for the guard to walk over you, and exit the level cleanly.


Room 3

1 49


This is a pretty easy room. Enter the first door you come across.


2 4


You can see where the guard is outside on the little TV. Wait for him to walk to the other side of the door and then exit the side room. You can then exit the area.


Room 4: Outside

This part is awful. I recommend a controller of some kind, as you can use it down to crouch without any risk of rolling, which then alerts everyone to your location.


There is no real walkthrough on this one, as what you need to do is pretty clear: Go left.


Some tips:

If you are in stealth (ctrl/Y/Triangle), no one can see you when you are out of the lights and out of the brighter green cone. You can enter the dull green view cones without any drawbacks.


If you are in stealth and hiding on an object, such as the bleachers or weightlifting equipment, no one can see you at all, even in the light.


1 50


You can crouch Down to hide behind the tables. You cannot move like when you hide in other objects, but you are still entirely hidden. This is part of what makes a controller easier.


After lots of tries, you too can one day see the exit.


2 5


Continue playing until you get back to your home building. You will see a case that contains the Prototype key.


3 1




To equip the weapons to go to the level [Govt.lab] and interact with the panels on the wall.



Prism Sword – Makes enemy blood come out as random colors.


Sword Of Masters – Releases a projectile when you attack. The projectile has a cooldown timer.


Savant Knife – A shorter sword that attacks very quickly. Rapidly attacking almost allows you to float in mid-air.


Claymore Prototype – A much bigger sword that swings slower but hits wider and through armor.


Phoenix Edge – Similar to the standard katana, but launches flames after each strike.


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