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Katana ZERO – Secret/Hidden Achievements Guide

20 January 2019, Sunday, 20:57:26

Secret/Hidden Achievements


Prism key

Secret. In chapter 1 – “Factory”, immediately jump slash onto the building to the left and search the dead body.




Don’t hang up!

Secret. In chapter 1 – “Factory”, hang up the phone repeatedly.



Master key

Secret. In chapter 2 – “Hotel”, kill the target with a throwing weapon before they jump.



What a bad idea

Secret. In chapter 2 – “Hotel”, jump off the balcony after finding your target.




Secret. In chapter 5 – “Studio”, roll past the boss when they shoot and slice them in the back repeatedly.



Phoenix key

Secret. In chapter 6 – “Mansion”, a thief is in the upper-left room of one of the areas. Wait for them to leave, then search the room.



Savant key

Secret. In chapter 9 – “Slaughterhouse”, don’t trigger any monitors. Cut any red cables you spot before killing any enemies nearby. On monitors without cables, inspect the ceiling for cameras and roll past them. (Disregard their orientation, they only see straight down.) Finally, search the room full of red barrels.



Secret hunter

Secret. Collect the four previously mentioned keys.



Funny prank

Secret. In chapter 10 – “Bunker”, kill yourself with a Molotov as you enter the next elevator.


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