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Kimulator 2: Brother Of Time Achievements

3 July 2017, Monday, 23:09:04



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I don’t know how to shoot
Shoot the dinosaur with a hat


I love tomato
Watch the bonus tomato video


I’m not an asshole
Don’t shoot his leg


Punch him in the face
Punch him in the face


I’m the new bottle flip god
Practice your bottle flip skills


I don’t have any friends
Kill your friend


Give a grenade to Hitler
Give a grenade to Hitler


Give a gun to Hitler
Give a gun to Hitler


I’m a good guy
Finish the good ending of Kimulator 2


Kill yourself
Kill yourself with a gun


Welcome to heaven
Act like a dead body


Why did you do that?!
Shoot Hitler


God damit
Shoot a rock


Two down
Kill two nazi


One down
Kill one nazi


Goodbye Hitler
Try to kill Hitler


Bad ending
Finish a bad ending of Kimulator 2


Sandwich killer
Kill yourself with a sandwich


I love to crouch


I love dead body
Go see a dead body


Bottle flip is my new religion
Give a water bottle to Hitler


Right is awesome
Go right


Left is awesome!
Go left


Shoot your friend


I’m an asshole
Shoot his leg


Hitler love old sandwich
Give a sandwich to Hitler


I’m dead inside
Go talk to a nazi


Show me the booty
Look at the bonus page


Kick yourself in the balls
Kick yourself in the balls


Come at me bro
Fight with Hitler


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