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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – 10 Beginner Tips

1 April 2018, Sunday, 18:49:51

10 Beginner Tips

1. When training with Captain Bernard, It is best that you wear some ‘training gear’ especially if you’re going to be training with a mace. Your armor, just like during combat, will get damaged especially if you’re not to well-versed in blocking and evading. It would cost you a pretty penny to have everything fixed every after training session.


2. Speaking of good ‘ol Bernard, A lot of people are complaining that they could not find him or he’s stuck in Neunhof. Aside from a bug actually preventing him from coming back, He will make his way back to Rattay after the main quest “Finding Ginger” ergo; you wouldn’t be able to spar with him until then.


3. Learn how to brew potions. As with most peasantry in those times, Henry couldn’t read. That’s a problem since saving is done by downing some Saviour Schnapps and you can brew some via the alchemy station. You don’t HAVE to read a recipe to brew if you know what you’re doing so let my save you the frustration of husbanding your schnapps. You need 1 nettle and 2 Belladonnas. Boil the nettle in wine for two turns. Crush the two belladonnas in the mortar and pestle together then add it to the pot and boil it again for one turn. Get a phial and pour it in and voila! Saviour Schnapps. In the future when your alchemy skills gets high enough, each brewing session would net you three potions instead of one. Note that if you use autobrew you will not get the set of three.


4. If you’re the sneaky type, invest in some sneaking gear. Each set of apparel that you own would have stats on them. Check for visibility, conspicuousness, and noise. Black, grey, and dark blue normally works fine by keeping all three at a minimum. Learn how to brew the potion that lets you see at night so you’re not groping around or using a torch and the other potion that cancels noise.


5. You’re not superman. Don’t take on four attackers at the same time until you’re supremely confident of your skills. The people you see doing those had already invested in Henry’s skills and equipment. You’ll get flattened that way.


6. In the same vein of being capable, there is a dearth of combination attacks for anything else other than a sword. The axe and mace only have three move sets that are actually good but pretty hard to pull off because of their long sequence. You also need a minimum level of 7 for the weapon before you unlock the first combo.


7. Learn how to read early on the game. There are a few quests that require you being literate. It is also very useful when you’re starting out since there are a lot of skill books that merchants sell that you can read to improve your skills.


8. Some quests are time sensitive. You normally get a hint that something is important or something needs to be addressed immediately. Don’t loiter around too much. Some quests would change because it won’t wait for you.


9. If you’re interested in seeing something awesome, when you meet father Godwin, don’t do the speech skill check. Sure you could if you want to but you’ll be missing out on some funny shenanigans.


10. Saddlebags. The more you have the more your horse can carry. Be careful, the most expensive doesn’t necessary means it could carry the most. Check that it actually says how many bags it has.



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