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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Combat Skills

12 February 2018, Monday, 2:06:55


Combat Skills

Combat Skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are one of the 4 means through which the players can developer their characters. These skills will increase when you use them much like in Oblivion or Skyrim. These skills include things like Axe and Bow and even Warfare and Defence. Reaching higher levels in a Skill will unlock Perks the player can take, further improving their effectiveness with said Skill.

Visit Sir Bernard near the Combat Arena in Rattay and ask him to give you combat practice. This will not only allow you to raise your character’s Combat Skills but, more importantly, will provide you with an opportunity to get comfortable with all combat features before you venture into danger. Take your time and don’t rush into the fray unprepared. Be sure to return to Captain Bernard as you progress through the game, as he is the only character who can walk you through advanced fighting techniques like Combos and Master Strikes. These abilities make combat much more fun and are helpful when fighting overwhelming odds or higher-level opponents.


Increases the time you can hold a perfect block or dodge as well as increasing the defence stat of weapons and shields.


Total fighting skill with weapons or unarmed. The more skillful a warrior you are, the faster your attacks are and the harder it is for an opponent to defend against them.


Axe skill makes you more proficient with axes, increasing the power of your attacks.


Bow skill makes you more proficient with bows and arrows, increasing the power of your attacks.


Mace skill makes you more proficient with maces, increasing the power of your attacks.


Sword skill makes you more proficient with swords, increasing the power of your attacks.


Unarmed Combat skill makes you more proficient when fighting with your fists, increasing the damage you make.


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