Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Combo and Defence Mechanics Guide



Combo and Defence Mechanics 


Why performing combos is so hard?

To answer this question one should know and understand Block and Master strike mechanics.



To grasp it lets start from Defence options. Defending you can opt to three types of blocks.


1. Block – simpliest one, hold the block button. Henry will block all incoming strikes at the cost of stamina.


2. Perfect block – once you pass prologue, trainer Bernard teaches you how to parry incoming strikes when green shield icon appears. Perfect block allows you to block with no stamina consumption.


3. Master strike – strikes not all are aware about. This strike allows you to parry and riposite with UNBLOCKABLE attack. To perform that you need time your block with first frames of green shiled icon. Ideally you should start reacting when opponent swing animation starts. The special point about this strikes that you can’t use them unless Bernard teaches you, however i found no special perk that indicates you mastered this.


TIP: Direction of your weapon during block does not influence anything. It’s hard though, but all attacks (even after enemy perfect block) can be parried with master strike.


!!! Master strikes are the reason enemies stop 80% of your combos all players are mad about. Skilled enemies (like Bernard) can parry your swing with Master strike at ANY step of your combo sequence therefore cancelling it.


Short description of master strikes blocks:


Right slash (R)- Henry ripostes with two piercing attacks to the chest.


Left slash (L)- Henry will shift righward and make slash attack to the belly or will punch opponent two times


Overhead attack (O)- Henry will dodge and respond with short vertical slash to the shoulder or the head


Right slash from below (RB) – Henry will hit enemy with reverse part of the weapon to the belly or make a stab to the chest


Left slash from below (LB) – Henry will either kick the opponent or сatch him moving the direction of the strike kicking with knee to the chest


Stab (S) – Henry will stab back an enemy to the tummy or hit the face with a handle of the weapon.





Yes, perform a combo is a tough task and i still believe that mechanic is a little broken.


But here are some hints, which will help you to execute much more combos.


1. Mind you are not executing Mortal Combat fatality. To perform a combo you need not to press strikes as fast as possible but to follow timing and pace, perform next strike right at the time when direction prompt appears.


2. Start your combo with a feint, after a succesful clinch or perfect block. This significantly reduces chances first attack will be blocked.


3. Weapon skill plays a huge role, as it allows to strike faster and leave less time for your opponents to block.


4. Unless your weapon skill is maxed to the cap, start with 3 strikes combos, the chances are 25% higher that you will succeed 3 strike combo than 4, as each strike can be blocked with Master strike.


5. Start combo which fits the direction of last parried attack. So you need to know all your combos in order to perform the one you need. Small hint: all long sword combos start from left to right diretion, one combo starts from a Stab.


6. Sometimes direction prompt doesn’t appear (bug?),so dont rush with next strikes and start over your combo.



Here is short description of Long sword combos:


Zorn Ort (3) L -> RB -> S with last attack Henry performs a slash but stops it halfway and makes two stabs to the chest


Fehler (5) LB -> S -> S after 2nd stab Henry makes short slash to the head with a tip of a sword


False Edge O -> R -> LB (6) Favorite Bernard’s combo. Instead last slash you feint and stab the enemy to the head (This perk can be learned from Bernard when completeing combo tutorial)


Drei Wunder (8) LB -> R -> S -> S last stab aims right wrist


Durchlauffen (10) S -> L -> RB very strong combo and my favorite. With last attack Henry knocks down the enemy with sword handle.


Duplieren (13) L -> R -> LB -> R Last attack deviates enemy weapon and

*in brackets required long sword skill level to learn the perk.



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