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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Strength Perks

12 February 2018, Monday, 16:59:23


Strength Perks

Strength Perks in Kingdom Come Deliverance are accessible by the player upon reaching certain levels of Strength.



NameRequirement – Effect

Gravedigger –  Strength Level 2 – Carrying dead or unconscious bodies won’t cost you any Stamina and they will burden you only half as much.

Stronghold – Strength Level 2 – Blocking an opponent’s blows will cost you 30% less Stamina.

Clinch Master – Strength Level 4 – Gives you one third higher chance of overpowering your opponent in a clinch.

Mule I – Strength Level 4 – You can carry 15 pounds more.

Boar – Strength Level 6 – You can deplete an opponent’s Health and Stamina by bumping into him at a sprint. The effect is increased if your armour is heavier than his.

Tight Grip – Strength Level 6 – Your Stamina regeneration will not slow down in combat, even on the weapon backswing.

Headcracker – Strength Level 8 – You have a 10% greater chance of knocking out an opponent with a blow to the head.

Heavy Swing – Strength Level 8 – Your attacks cause 20% greater damage, but cost you 10% more Stamina. Applies only to weapons that require Strength in order to wield.

Mule II – Strength Level 8 – You can carry 20 pounds more.

Mule III – Strength Level 12 – You’ll be able to carry 25 pounds more weight.

Dreadful – Strength Level 14 – Foes will be more likely to flee from combat with you. The ones who do fight you will be less determined.


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