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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tips and Tricks

18 February 2018, Sunday, 21:19:50


Tips and Tricks

-The best way to train stats and combat skills is via practice-sword sessions with Bernard at the fighting ring in Rattay; do this early and often to unlock some special techniques. Carry repair kits and repair your armor and gear after each session to raise Maintenance easily and quickly.

-You can raise Maintenance very high by grinding all your looted bandit swords at a grindstone, which also increases their sale value. If you really want to just the grind the skill, try surfing the wave of damaging your sword at the grindstone and repairing it at the grindstone both.

-Archery is hard to raise without getting in some kind of trouble. You can either sneak up on rabbits very slowly and dab them at close range, or you can shoot at cows which are huge slow moving targets.

-If you want lockpicking to be easier without using a mod, back out of the attempt and retry until you the sweet spot is in a good place (like right near the center).

-On the haggle interface, the further down you go on the bar the better the price, for selling and buying both. Circle at the bottom is the patience meter, which fills up depending on how unreasonable your offer is. Good move is to go low on the bar, let them lower it some, and then back it up to closer to that mark. If you get the Final Offer perk you can be even more audacious.

-You can make a ton of money in a few ways but most aren’t “legal”; it’s a hard knock life for a peasant in 1403 Bohemia. Poaching is very efficient, as is robbing sprees.

-You can “launder” stolen goods by selling them to a trader that will accept them (such as the “Trader” with an indoor shop in the starting village) and then buying them back, but you will lose money on the transaction (so steal extra stuff to make up the difference).

-If your clothes are dirty, nobles and burghers (merchants etc) like you less.

-If your weapon is bloody, you can use aggressive stance in dialogs more successfully.

-You can win a clench by mashing the attack button.

-Items dropped on the ground will disappear; put things you want to save into permanent containers.

-Get the shovel by the Miller’s wagon outside Rattay. Keep it on you or your horse at all times.

-Get 4 lockpicks from Fritz at the start by investingating the drunk’s house, finding the locked chest, then talking to Fritz. This locks out some other options for resolving the quest.



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