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Cheats & Secrets

Click on the three bushes and get three even.

Stage: Royal Gardens




Click several times on the green lian, in the upper right corner, and George will swing in.

Stage: Redwood Stand




When you see a dwarve in the river, click on him. You need to do that 13 times.

Stage: Waterfalls Trail




You have to click on the candy house, a witch comes out and click a few times on her. She will return to her house, then click on it again, and she comes our again. Click a few times on her, and she will burn up. And out of the house comes Hans and Ethel.

Stage: Grimmsburg




Click on the beanstalk and you will see it will grow, do that three times and you will earn 150 gold for activating it.

Stage: Grimmsburg



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