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Kingdom Two Crowns – Crownstealers

30 December 2018, Sunday, 8:23:51


Crownstealers appear late game, and are the bane of any monarch’s existence. They usually spawn riding on the backs of breeders, jumping off only if the breeder dies or reaches a wall, or if a nearby crown-wearer is out in the open. When on the ground, they ignore all subjects and go straight for the monarch, running on all fours at unmatched speeds and even jumping over any walls just to reach you. They are incredibly fast, to the point where they cannot be outrun, and if they successfully reach you, they will always knock your crown off immediately, regardless of whether or not you have coins or gems.



Due to their extreme speed, the crownstealer is then guaranteed to reach the crown before you can recover it. They don’t have much health, so your best bet is to stay behind your walls, and get your troops to kill them before they can reach you and nag your crown.



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