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Kingdom Two Crowns – Subjects

14 December 2018, Friday, 13:44:08



When a vagrant is given a coin, they will become a peasant, and head to the center of your kingdom where they will await a job. Peasants are the denizens of your kingdom that do not currently have a job. When there are available tools, peasants will run over and pick them up to do the job associated with the tool. During the day, the peasants will wander near the shops awaiting a job. At night, the peasants will run back to the center of your kingdom and wait until morning. If chased by a greed, they run. If they get hit once, they drop their coin and become a vagrant. Peasants can collect a maximum of 2 coins at a time.




Peasants can pick up bows to become archers. During the day, archers will wander between your outer walls and the forest, hunting rabbits and deer. At night, they run back to and hide behind the outer wall to defend the kingdom. They will run away from greed, but will occasionally stop to shoot at them. If they are hit once, they drop their bow and become a peasant. Archers can collect a maximum of (10?) coins at a time, and have a (1/3?) chance of hitting their target.




Peasants can pick up hammers to become workers. The worker (AKA the builder or engineer) is the one who builds, mans heavy weaponry, cuts down trees, and repairs your Kingdom. Peasants can become Workers by picking up hammers. During the day, they wander around the last site they worked on. During the night, they head to the outer walls and wander around there. They will run away from greed, and when hit, workers drop their hammer and turn into a peasant. Workers can collect a maximum of 2 coins at a time.




Peasants can pick up scythes to become farmers, at which point they will go to the nearest available farm and create a crop field. During the day, they will grow and harvest coins for you (still seems legit). At night, they run back behind your kingdom’s walls for safety, or will stay at their farm if it is a tier 2 farm. They will run away from greed, but have the slowest run speed of all subjects. If a Farmer does not have a valid farm to work at for (5?) days, they will drop their scythe in the water and become a peasant, which will happen en masse once winter starts. When hit once, they drop their scythe and turn into a peasant. Farmers can collect a maximum of 14 coins at a time.



Pikemen (Exclusive to Default Biome)

Cost: 2 Coins

Pikemen (AKA spearmen) are a temporary unit, meant to be used as a way to turn the tides of a battle you know you may lose. During the day, pikemen wander around aimlessly, occasionally using their spears to hunt for fish, and are the only unit that can hunt during the winter. At night, pikemen guard behind the furthest constructed wall on their assigned side, and stab enemies as they attack the wall. Their attacks pierce through all enemies they touch, and deal the same amount of damage as 1 arrow to each enemy they hit. After 3-4 stabs, the pikeman’s weapon will break, and they will turn back into a peasant. Only 1 pikeman can be active on either side of the kingdom; if there are extras, they will wait in line, getting ready to take the place of the active pikeman when his spear breaks.



Ninjas (Exclusive to Shogun Biome)

Cost: 8 Coins

Ninjas replace pikemen in the shogun DLC. They operate very differently than pikemen, and thus are listed separately, but are still a temporary unit that serves the same purpose. During the day, ninjas will wander around near the outer wall of the side they are defending, and unlike pikemen, will not hunt anything. As night approaches, they run out to the forest and hide behind a bamboo chute near the edge. Once the greed pass the ninja’s hiding spot, the ninja will leap out to backstab the enemy, and then proceed to quickly stab multiple enemies nearby, before eventually vanishing in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again.




Peasants can pick up shields to become squires.




Squires can pick up swords to become knights. The exact difference between squires and knights is unknown.


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