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Kingdoms and Castles – Armies and Generals

21 July 2017, Friday, 14:20:18


Armies and Generals

Go to the “Castle” tab, and there you will see the list of things you can build related to protection, tax, army and defense. Early game, it’s important to build a “Treasure room”, as this allows you to collect tax from your citizens and stores about 1k gold within it. It requires 5 people to operate the building. You can place this anywhere, as it doesn’t matter but try to use to yellow spaces that arn’t useful to farming. Once the building is built, be sure to set the tax amount to what you want. I set mine to 2 so I wouldn’t upset my citizens, and I found that having just one was more than enough. Once you get further into the game and have gathered up some stone, wood and gold, you can build a “Chamber of war” which requires 25 wood,75 stone and 75 gold. Place it anywhere you like.


The chamber of war requires 5 citizens to operate. Now, here you’ll see three generals on horses with a little plus sign. You click one of the generals and wait for him to pop out from the building. Your general is the “leader” of your army so to speak, and you can have up to 3 generals however you don’t have to (Although they are quite handy to have against Ogres!). By this time, you should already be setting up a mine for iron, and having a blacksmith. Both things are essential to creating your army. Go back to the Castle tab and click “Barracks” which costs 35 wood, 100 stone and 50 gold. I would place that near your chamber of war so everything is easy to find later. For the barracks, the building needs 8 workers to run it properly. Make sure you keep your general nearby, then click the Barracks building and you should see “Train soldier” if you have enough Armaments produced by the blacksmith stored.


You can keep clicking until you reach 31 or 32, which is the cap per general. Allow all the soldiers to be created, and then when ready, click your general. It should say on the bottom right “Recruit.” Click the recruit button and your 31 or 32 soldiers should bind to your general. You will know it works because the little soldiers within the barracks will swarm around the general. You can click your general and then right click the location where you want to keep him. Please keep in mind that the army will only attack whatever is in the immediate range of them. They will not chase after anything, so if you want them to, you have to click where you want them to go.



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