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Kingdoms and Castles – Basics of Farming

21 July 2017, Friday, 14:17:52


To begin farming, you’ll need some idle citizens, and dark green or light green spaces. The darker the grass, the better it is for your crops. Dark green gives +4, and light green gives +2 additional to your crops. My method of farming is to make a square of 3 boxes across, and 3 boxes down and i’ll explain why a bit later. Under the “food” tab on the far left of said tab, you’ll see “Farm”. It takes one citizen to operate the farm and costs 3 wood to build. Place one farm onto a dark or light green plot. Your worker should run over and begin the farming process. So, your base output for one farm is 6 only, but the citizens are quite needy so it’s very important to make quite a bit of farms, especially for late game. What you’re going to do next is fill in the 3 x 3 square EXCEPT for the one in the middle. It is preferred that the middle square be yellow, as a yellow square is useless for farming. In that middle box, go ahead and place down a “Windmill”.

A Windmill costs 25 wood, and 35 stone, so be sure that you have a quarry going on as well. What a windmill does is boost the production of the farms so to speak, and make it to where your farms will produce more food for your citizens. Each windmill requires one person to operate. Windmills will add an additional +3 to each farm to increase productivity. Now if for instance you had two yellow squares in your farm, that’s okay. Use the middle one for the windmill, and the other one to place a well or whatever your heart desires. Keep in mind you do not have to place a windmill on a yellow space every time, I just personally find it better to do so in the long run. Now the “Orchard” in the food tab is another farm that takes up 4 spaces and produces based off how green the grass is. The base output is 24 and requires 3 workers to operate. When it’s on very green grass, you get +7 added to production, and when on light green, +5 or +6. Per year with the best grass, you can produce about 34 per year if you have master craftsman as well (They add +3, but they become master craftsmen over time from working that same field.)

I find that it’s more beneficial to the first method I explained, as you can produce around 96 food with master craftsman, windmill bonus and greenest acre. Just another note, be sure to place some granaries in the area and by your citizen’s homes as well so they have faster access to them.

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