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King’s Bounty: Dark Side – Console Commands

10 April 2019, Wednesday, 0:34:11

Console Commands

Adventure Mode Cheats – Hold down the Shift + ~ keys, and a message box will appear in the middle of the screen. Type in any of the codes below while in Adventure Mode.


Code: Description: name Rename your hero clearwife Removes wife and children spirit [number] Levels up your spirits. Maximum level = 30.



Result Code

Set gold amount – money [number]

Set leadership – leadership [number]

Double troops in indicated slot – doublearmy [1-5]

Double all troops – doublearmy

All level 1 spells to spellbook – magicbook

Get indicated number of all three runes – rune [number]

Get indicated number of crystals – crystal [number]

Get indicated levels – levelup [number]

Increase maximum mana by indicated number – mana [number]

Refill mana – mana

Increases maximum rage by indicated number – rage [number]

Refill rage – rage

Level your spirits – spirit [1-30]

Remove wife and children – clearwife

Rename your hero – name [name]

Spawn boat if already purchased – boat


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