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Kona Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide


Here is a quick guide to finish the game.



Steps to beat the game

First off the map that should help you get to the right places:





Act 1 – Summer

1. Start up a new game.


2. Drive forward until you get to the bridge.


3. Leave the car, open the trashcan and pick up the empty bottle. (To be used later for Caribu drink)


4. Climb to the watchtower and get the pliers.


5. Break the lock and continue driving over the bridge.



Act 2 – Winter Accident

1. Continue driving forward until a maniac gets you into an accident.


2. Leave the car.


3. Get a first aid kit from the crashed car behind you.


4. Open the front door and get the locked box and the picture.


5. Walk back towards your car but past it and onto the right.


6. Pick up 1 log from the pile in front of the shack.


7. Enter the shack, use the first aid kit, start a fire to the fireplace and take the tire chains from the table.


8. Leave the cabin.


9. Install the chains into one of your vehicle’s tires and enter the car.



Act 3 – General store

1. Go inside the general store. Get the document behind the body.


2. Open the cash register on the left by pressing two numbers and SELL.


3. Move the ladders at the counter by clicking on them. Pick up the medpack behind the stairs.


4. Once you have moved the stairs, climb up and get the bottle of wine.


5. Open the drawers on the counter until you find the tape and the garage key.


6. Go to the backdoor, look to the right before leaving, set the power input to the generator, and enable only garage power.


7. Enter garage. Get tools from one of the drawers.


8. Go to the generator outside of the backdoor and fix the wire on the wall.


9. Start the generator.


10. Go to the garage, activate the lift, and get the crowbar under the lift.


11. Go inside the main building, set the power to the store and not the garage.


12. Activate pump 2 at the counter.


13. Leave through the front door. Open the postbox on the right (top and bottom drawers).


14. Fill up your car with gasoline.



Act 4 – Iceman 1

1. While in front of the store, look to the store’s right and walk there.


2. Follow the wolf footprints to the iceman.


3. Click on the iceman and follow the path it generates until you reach the car and get the wallet inside it.


4. Walk back to your car.



Act 5 – Western Map

1. Drive to location 1.


2. Enter the house and make Caribou with the machine on the back.


3. Drive to location 2.


4. Talk to the old man inside the house multiple times, and he will give you your coat.


5. Get the key inside the house next to the doorframe.


6. Enter the shack outside, get the gasoline canister, axe and lantern.


7. Drive to location 3.



Act 6 – The snowmobile (And iceman 2)

1. Take the letter and the sparkplug from the mailbox outside the fence.


2. Break the fence.


3. Enter the garage and touch the iceman.


4. Once done with the iceman’s visions:


5. Take the handlebar from the shelf.


6. Take the lamp from the spaceship.


7. Take the metal parts from inside the fridge.


8. Exit the garage, open the trunk of the broken black and take the ski.


9. Walk to the main house entrance and take the second ski from the left of the door.


10. Enter the house and take the parts manual.


11. Exit the house, walk behind it and take the bench of the snowmobile near the lake. (Under the colorful sun-umbrella)



Act 7 – The secret project

1. Walk to the secret project, kill the wolf on the way.


2. Turn the lever behind the satellite.


3. Enter the secret project area.


4. Start turning the wheels in the counterclockwise direction.


5. Starting with the one on your right upon entering the project area.


6. Turn the first wheel on the right once.


7. Turn the next wheel three times.


8. Turn the third wheel two times.


9. The lock opens; get the key inside the “shack.”


10. Walk back to the snowmobile (behind the scrapyard house)


11. Take gas from behind the house.


12. Assemble the snowmobile and get aboard it!



Act 8 – Iceman 3

1. Drive to the ice tunnels (marked as ice on my attached map)


2. Take the left tunnel that goes down.


3. Get the hammer inside that tunnel and 2 parts of scrap metal.


4. Move forward, fix the bridge, cross it, walk forward, touch the iceman and follow it.


5. Drop the blank back down that you saw the woman do.


6. Get a rifle, ammo, and dynamite.


7. Descend the plank, turn back and cross the bridge you built again until you are at the and with the iceman.


8. Place the dynamite at the end of the tunnel and walk back until the warning indicator disappears.


9. Leave the cave, descend the ladder and enter your snowmobile again.



Act 9 – The clinic

1. Drive to the Clinic (marked 5 on the map)


2. Enter the house; on the right, you see a table.


3. Read all the patient files and look at the photo.


4. Leave the house and ride to the last iceman marked (6) on my map.



Act 10 – The last iceman

1. Enter the house, click on the iceman follow its lead until the experience is over.


2. It’s dark now with all 4 icemen activated.


3. Drive to the ice wall marked 7 on my map.


4. Look at the animation and drive forward.


5. Eventually, you will come to a river that you have to cross. Make a bridge and keep driving North.



Act 11 – The end is near

1. Eventually, you come to the top of the “mountain.”


2. Touch the arrow in vendigos chest and look at the visions.


3. You are back from the visions; the vendigo starts chasing you and spawns wolves in front of you.


4. Keep running and gun down the WOLVES.


5. Heal if you need to.


6. You will come to the cemetery where an accident blocks the vendigos path to you.


7. Keep going until you get to the railroad.


8. Enter the docs through the gate.


9. Walk until you get the vendigo screaming animation.


10. Run to the left; there is a boat; enter it.


11. Good work; you beat the game!


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