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Kona – How to Get the Coat?


Freezing is the big enemy in Kona, so get the warm jacket as fast as possible.



Location of the coat

The coat can be found in a small house East of the first zone. In the house Is a grumpy old guy that will trade you his coat for a bottle of Caribou.





Acquiring Caribou

Before you start searching the map up and down after this bottle, it can’t be found. You will have to brew it yourself.


To brew this, you will need


– 1 empty bottle


– 1 bottle of sherry vine


(The vine can be found in the general store, behind the counter at the top shelf to the right. Just move the ladder over there and climb up.)




Head a bit further down the road of where the jacket is, and you will find “The Patriots House.”




Walk inside. To the left of his bed, there should be hanging some notes on the wall. Walk over and pick down the one that is interactable.




Now head over to the brewing stand and brew your drink.




Now bring your bottle back to the old man, and he should give you the coat.




By getting this, you can now enter the cave close to his location.


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