Kona How to Get the Snowmobile Key?


Getting the snowmobile key

Tools Needed

To get the key you will have to bring the crowbar that is found in the garage at the general store.

( Located under the car lift )

You will need this to open this gate.







Puzzle solving

After you have gone through the gate you need to follow the path.

Eventually you will get to where the key is located.




(The sattelite on the right will have to be moved by walking around on the path just before you get to where the picture is. No guided needed for that. )


The key is located in the shack in the middle. You will have to unlock the door by doing a small puzzle.


The puzzle requires you to turn 4 wheels and alinging them so everything goes from + to -.


The wheels should look something like this.







Done correctly you should hear a little alarm from the door and the sound of the lock opening. Get in there and pick up the key.


Now you can drive around like a mad man on the snowmobile.


(If you haven’t gotten all the parts for it just search around on the compond. The seat is at the edge of the cliff, used as a sun bed. The skis are laying around, the headlight is inside the garage at the UFO and the spark plug is in his mail box close to the main gate. Also bring a fuel can, he got fuel there but you need a can to fill it up the first time. PS vehicle inventories are synced)


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