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La-Mulana 2 – PC Controls

30 July 2018, Monday, 16:49:45

PC Controls

Arrow keys: left/right – Move left/right

Arrow keys: up – Ascend ladders/stairs; enter shops, etc., ascend slopes; open Save Point Menu; grab onto object when Grapple Claw is equipped

Arrow keys: down – Descend ladders/stairs, crouch; place Weight; descend slopes; toggle Holy Grail Menu

Z key – Jump or Confirm in Item/Pause Menu

X key – Use main weapon; fast-forward conversations

C key – Use sub weapon; leave shops, etc. or Cancel in Item/Pause Menu

V key – Use item

A key – Toggle to previous main weapon, Return to previous page in Item Menu tabs, Open Holy Grail Menu from Pause Menu

S key – Toggle to next main weapon, Move to next page in Item Menu tabs, Open Xelputter from Pause Menu

D key – Toggle to previous sub weapon

F key – Toggle to next sub weapon

F1 key – Open/close Pause Menu

F2 key – Open/close Item Menu

Up + left/right + Z key(Special actions) – When clinging to a mirrored pillar with the Grappling Claw, press the button in the direction of the pillar and then Z to swing around



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