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Lake Ridden – Puzzle Box Locations Guide

11 May 2018, Friday, 6:21:38

Puzzle Box Locations

Locations of all hidden puzzle boxes. There are nine secret puzzle boxes and each unlocks one achievement!



An area for scientific experiments

Chapter: “The Lower Garden”

Enter this section and stay left:




Food, books and a tree house

Chapter: “The Upper Garden”

After meeting Nora for the first time enter the garden and go through this small hole on the right:



Climb up the ladder to a small cabin:




Not a graveyard

Chapter: “The Attic”

Behind the projector is a secret passage. A movable box is blocking the way:





Chapters: At the end of “The Attic” or the beginning of “The Root Cellar”.

There is a red cabin at the lake behind the burned laundry:




Heaps of tea

Chapter: “The Laundry”

After completing the psychedelic cellar head to the school in the middle of the courtyard:




In frightful lands

Chapter: “The Laundry”

As soon as you enter the laundry climb down the right shaft:




Not one, but two copies

Chapters: At the end of “The Laundry” or the beginning of “The Basement” (climb the ladder).

In the master’s study/bed room in front of the fireplace:




Why stop at mail service?

Chapter: “The Basement”

After entering the basement through the master’s study/bed room go down the inclined plane:




The greatest story told

Chapter: “The Island”

Head east from the stone circle:



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