LawBreakers Game Modes Overview


Game Modes

This guide will cover all the game modes within LawBreakers and how they work.





The Uplink is a device that is located in the center of the map! Capture it and bring it to your base so it can download data. After the download reaches 100%, you need to defend it for another 20 seconds.
If it gets stolen, your team will maintain the amount of percentage it had!
You need to score 3 points to win.
There is no Overtime in this game mode!




Blitz Ball


In this game mode, you will need to get the Blitz Ball from the middle of the map and put it into the enemies goal, but be aware that the ball will explode after a certain amount of time (the time is shown at the top of the screen in the middle). After a succesful goal, the Ball will respawn in the middle after a short duration.
The first team that reaches 8 points wins the game.
If the game timer runs out, the first team who scores a point will win!


Turf War


This game mode is about capturing points! There are 3 points in the game (A, B & C). When the game starts, they will all be neutral. Your goal is to capture the zones! If you captured a zone, it will stay locked until all zones are captured. When all zones are captured, the game will neutralize the zones and you can capture them again (after a cooldown of a few seconds). For each zone captured, your team will gain one point.
The first team who scores 16 points wins the game!
If the game is 15-15, there will be an overtime! The first team who then gets 17 points wins!




Capture the Battery from the middle of the map! Then bring it to your base and let it charge until it reaches 100%. After that defend it for another 20 seconds until it reaches overcharge and your team gets a point! If the enemies steal the Battery, it will sustain its percentage!
After a point is scored, the battery will respawn in the middle of the map (after a few seconds)
The first team who scores 3 points wins the game!
There is no overtime in this game mode!

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