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Learn to Fly 3 Cheat Codes

13 May 2017, Saturday, 18:11:45


Bonus Codes

Use these codes in Extras.


ThisIsAnAwesomeCode – Gives items from Learn to Fly 2 (Glider is very useful).


IBelieveICanFly – Gives 250 BP.




New Codes

ltf3mailinglistbonus – I believe this code unlocks the Capt. Supporter body.


BirdIsTheWord – This code gives you 250 BP.


WhoSaysWeCantFly – This code gives you 250 BP.


TimeSureDoesFly – Fast Forward code.


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Name : Dr.Porkie | Comment Date : August 23rd, 2017

if you click and hold the title screen you will unlock all modes

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