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Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown – Adventuring

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As you travel through Amberland, the map will begin to reveal itself. While you don’t have to step on every point on the map, it is in the party’s best interests to expose as much of the map as possible because you never know if the next step will reveal a new cave or castle to investigate. Entering locations such are castles, towers or dungeons will temporarily remove you from the overland map, and the mini-map changes into an auto-map, revealing the explored portions of the area.


As you explore the landscape, you’ll find an a wide variety of places to explore and people to meet. Some people will give advice and others will grant quests. By completing quests, your party will gain experience and other rewards. You can review your current quests by clicking the quest icon on the character screen.



Interacting with objects

To interact with objects (open chests, use switches, read plaques, etc), simply move forward (you can use movement buttons or default hot keys: W/arrows/numpad) stepping into it.


Fast Travel

After an early game quest, you can fast travel by way of the Griffin Rider Guild. (HINT: Rumor has it that the master of the Griffin Riders Guild was captured by bandits and taken to their island). To use a griffin, press “m” to bring up the map, click on the map where you’d like to travel and click “Summon griffin” button (default hot key: “g”). Griffins can only take you to an already explored part of the map and only when you are a safe distance from any monsters, there is also a short cooldown (can’t summon a griffin imediatelly after summoning previous one).


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