Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown – Character Statistics Guide


Character Statistics



* Damage bonus.

* Every 10 STR points increase Maximum Encumbrance by +1.



* HP (Hit Points) bonus.



* Hit bonus.

* Evade bonus.



* Arcane bonus.

* Additional effect which depends on character’s talent (Tactics, Awareness, Arcane Mastery).



* MP (Magic Points) bonus.

* Reduces magical damage received from Sorcerers and Warlocks.



Derived Statistics


* How much physical damage this character is dealing in combat.

Affected by level, class, strength.



* Chance to hit enemy in combat.

Affected by level, class, Dexterity.



* Chance to evade being hit by an enemy in combat.

Affected by level, class, Dexterity.



* How much physical damage this character can ignore in combat.

Armor scales with hero level, so 1 Armor Point for a level 1 character means -1 damage reduction, but for a level 20 hero translates to -10 damage, thus Armor Points are always valuable regardless of increase in HP.

Armor does not protect against magical/elemental attacks.

Affected by equipment.



* Only magic users have this statistic. It affects spells mastery levels, so it determines which spells a character can use and with what efficiency.

Affected by level, class, Knowledge.




There are 4 sources of magical damage Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid. By having resistance to a certain source that character get lower damage from that source.

Resistances are not cummulative, you either have it or not, so there is no point equipping 2 items that grant Fire Resistance for example.




There are 6 immunities to negative effects caused by monsters in combat. Like resistances, immunities are not cummulative, you either have it or not. Immunity makes you fully, well, immune to acquiring a certain effect. Note that if you are already suffering from an effect gaining an immunity won’t remove the effect or nullify it’s effect. So equipping an item granting poison immunity while poisoned won’t do anything.



Here is the list of negative effects:


* Poison (Immunity to Poison) – suffer damage over time, it’s the only effect that has a chance of being removed on its own over time


* Paralysed (Immunity to Paralysis) – character can’t act


* Petrified (Immunity to Petrification) – character can’t act and won’t receive any damage


* Confused (Immunity to Confusion) – significantly reduced hit and critical hit chance, character can’t use magic, status automatically removed when resting


* Afraid (Immunity to Fear) – chance to skip a turn in combat; reduced hit chance and damage dealt


* Mesmerized (Immunity to Mesmerize) – can’t use special ability, can’t use magic


* Weakened (no immunity) – all revived characters get this status, ???, status automatically removed when resting




Encumbrance shows the total encumbrance of all equipped items. If exceeded the character faces significant penalties.


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